Service Products

Service Products

Techspray offers a variety of specialty chemicals for plant maintenance. Products range from surface cleaners, equipment service chemicals, and adhesives.

Label, Printer & Copier Maintenance & Reburbishing
Techspray Office Equipment Cleaning Kit contains a convenient, effective assortment of products that provide necessary tools for properly maintaining office equipment. The combination of a water-based cleaner, duster (canned air), pre-saturated wipes, lint-free dry wipes, and swabs are ideal for cleaning postage meters, printers, fax machines, copiers, label printers, desktop printers, and much more. Keep your high volume mailing systems and office equipment running at peak condition.

Roller Rejuvenator brings dried feed rollers back to life, which reduces misfeeds. 

Label & Adhesive Remover is especially handy for equipment refurbishing, because it removes scuffs and stains in addition to old, dried-out labels.

Surface Cleaning - Techspray Foaming Glass Cleaner and Eco-Stencil Glass & Surface Cleaner are both gentle cleaners that are great on windows, mirrors, enclosures, and working surfaces. Eco-Stencil is also water-based and eco-friendly, so low VOC and no GWP (global warming potential).

Label & Adhesive Remover

Fast acting, citrus-based label and adhesive remover