Techspray's TechClean brushes are made of premium grade materials. Don't be fooled by cheap imports. The bristles on our cleaning brushes are securely stapled in place, eliminating loose hairs.

Choose the Right Bristle Material for Your Needs:

  • Natural — Soft, resilient and long lasting. Hog bristles are stiffer than horse hair.
  • Metal — For burnishing, polishing, non-sparking static dissipationand deburring. Brass is a softer bristle than stainless steel.
Brushes dimensions are specified as bristle length (L), width (W), and trim (T).

General Cleaning Brushes - A wide variety of sizes and bristle material for general maintenance cleaning. All handles are made of strong, static neutral wood. 

Static Sensitive Brushes - Ideal for cleaning static sensitive electronics or components. Anodized aluminum falls withing the static dissipative range. Steel bristles are conductive, and horse hair is dissipative when saturated with solvent.

Technical Brushes - Small, precision brushes for technical cleaning and coating or adhesive application. Double-sided brushes include tapered end for tight areas.

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Tech Brush - Aluminum Handle

Groundable metal handle with ultra-secure bristles

Tech Brush - Detail

High precision brushes for cleaning and coating

Tech Brush - Wood Handle

Strong plywood hands with ultra-secure bristles