Techspray offers a variety of solvents, industrial degreasers, and water­based cleaners that allow you to match the right products with your cleaning needs. Maintenance cleaners and degreasers clean oil and contaminants off of metal parts, printed circuit boards, barcode instruments, switch boxes, gear boxes, and engines. Techspray has produced Blue Shower maintenance cleaners for over 30 years, making Blue Shower a staple in maintenance departments all over the world! Choosing a strong, high-quality cleaner saves time and money. Grease and oil flow right off, reducing the time and materials needed to scrub off stubborn soils.  Our industrial strength products are available in both spray and bulk packaging options. We manufacture specialized formulas for vapor degreasing, aircraft and aviation cleaning/decreasing, electronic cleaning, contact cleaning, and more.

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G3 Flux Remover & Maintenance Cleaner

Nonflammable, powerful cleaner

PWR-4 Aviation Degreaser

Strong degreaser spray for removing hydraulic and lubricating fluids

PWR4 Transit Equipment Degreaser

Strong single purpose transit degreaser. PWR4 Transit Equipment Degreaser is a single purpose transit degreaser, with strong removal ability of an oxidized hydraulic fluid, carbonized oils and fuels, lubricating oils and greases, and other organic residues.

Aviation Degreaser II

Low-VOC cleaner for removing hydraulic and lubricating fluids

E-LINE Flux Remover & Maintenance Cleaner

Powerful & economical cleaner - Hydrocarbon based defluxer formulated to be powerful, yet very economical. Eliminates brushing and scrubbing, saving time and materials. Clean oxidation, oil, and other contaminants from contacts, metal switches, relays, edge connectors, buss bars, and circuit breakers.

E-Line Hi-Flash Maintenance Cleaner

Light duty degreaser with low odor & high flash point - Ideal for cleaning light oils and carbon residues from control panels, switch plates, enclosures, and work surfaces. Slower evaporation allows solvent to soak in and break down difficult soils.

E-Line IPA

99.8% IPA in convenient aerosol package

Eco-Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner

Eco-friendly, nonflammable & streak-free glass cleaner

Technical Grade Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

99.8% pure isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Wipes

Pre-saturated wipes with 70% or 99.8% isopropyl alcohol