product literature

Techspray Alcohol Wipes Flyer

Fine-L-Kote SRV

Techspray Vapor Degreasing

Techspray Guide to Flood Recovery of Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Guide to recovering sensitive electronics and electrical components from damage caused by flood waters.


Plato 2021 Product Catalog

Full Plato catalog released 2021. Includes full scale diagrams of all available soldering and desoldering tips.


WonderMASK PX Flyer

Information on new fast drying WonderMASK PX and full Techspray line of temporary solder masks.


Techspray Catálogo de Productos - Español

Platoshear S & Brass Tip Cleaner Flyer

Information on new Plato products Platoshear S extra-strong cutter and Plato Brass Tip Cleaner. Also a comprehensive guide to Plato soldering tools, tip cleaners, and bottles.


Plato XT Tips Flyer

Introducing Plato's XT tip series for WX stations. Also information on new Plato sponges for Hakko FX-888 stations.


Plato Catálogo de Productos - Español

Plato 170LX Cutter Flyer

Plato 170LX egonomic ESD-sfe cutter flyer that covers the full Plato shear cutter product line.


Licron Crystal Flyer

Techspray Licron Crystal flyer that also covers other Techspray products that help maintain ESD-safe environments.


press releases

New Pine-Shower - 7/10 release (industrial)

Introducing Pine-Shower degreaser for heavy-duty industrial cleaning


New Eco-dFluxer SMT100 - 2/12 release

Introducing Eco-dFluxer SMT100 water-based inline & batch defluxer.


Eco-Stencil RF & AQ stencil cleaners - 3/12 release

Introducing Eco-Stencil RF & AQ water-based batch stencil cleaners.


Eco-Stencil AQ batch stencil cleaner - 10/10 release

Introducing Eco-Stencil AQ water-based batch stencil cleaner.


Dosatron Metering Technology - 7/12 release

Techspray proudly distributes Dosatron water powered dosing technology to support Techspray customers using Eco-dFluxer and Eco-Stencil batch and inline cleaners.


Bath Analysis Kit --7/12 release

Introducing Techspray Renew Bath Analysis Kit (1590-KIT) for use with Eco-dFluxer SMT100 (1550) and Eco-Stencil AQ (1572).



XT-Armor Oven Shield Demo Video

Real world video demonstrations of Techspray's new XT-Armor Oven Shield.

Platoshear S & Brass Tip Cleaner Presentation

Information on new Plato products Platoshear S extra-strong cutter and Plato Brass Tip Cleaner. Also a comprehensive guide to Plato soldering tools and tip cleaners.


Water-based vs. Solvent Cleaners

Because water-based cleaners work so differently than solvents, it can lead to the perception of poor performance. This white paper breaks down the advantages and disadvantages.


G3 Boeing Spec Approvals

White paper and testing reports for G3 qualifications for Boeing D6-17487 rev. P aviation spec.


Maximizing Solder Tip Life with Step-by-Step Care & Maintenance

It is no secret that soldering tip life has been reduced with the introduction of lead-free soldering. Did you know there are steps you can take to increase tip life by 30-100%? This white paper gives you step-by-step instructions how to get the most out of your soldering tips.


Ideal Rework Defluxing Process

Over 80 PCB's were cleaned in a experiment to find the ideal rework defluxing process. The common method of a swab and IPA does not clean under components and behind leads. Is a brush necessary? Does an aerosol straw extension help? Find out in this in depth white paper from Techspray.


Duster Whitepaper

Everything you ever wanted to know about duster but were afraid to ask. The difference between HFC-134a and HFC-152a and the advantages of Techspray duster over retail brands are all covered.


regulatory documents & references

Techspray RoHS Compliance Letter

Compliance letter for European WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).


Techspray REACH Statement

Compliance statement for European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) requirements.


Plato Tips - RoHS2 Statement

Compliance statement for European RoHS2 requirements.


DOT-SP 15146 DSC Permit

HFC-134a permit for DSC aerosol can.


DOT-SP 11516 HFC-152a Permit

DOT-SP 11516 HFC-152a special permit for Techspray, issued August 3, 2018.


DOT-SP 10232 HFC-134a Exemption

DOT-SP 10232 HFC-134a exemption for Sexton Can, expires February 28, 2018.