Vapor Degreasing

Vapor Degreasing

Techspray vapor degreasing solvents and cleaners are trusted by companies worldwide. Our precision-V solvents are non-ozone depleting and still get the job done.

Vapor degreasing requires specialized solvents that are azeotropic. Techspray offers AGC AK225 replacement products and our own blends, branded Precision-V.

Because of ozone depletion, AK225 is scheduled for phase-out in the US on January 1, 2015. However, Aerosol AK225-based products manufactured before January 1, 2015, are still available for sale, like our Blue Shower II Cleaner/Degreaser. 

Precision-V is non-ozone depleting, so ideal replacements for cleaners containing Freon, HFC-141b, and AK225. Exposure to Precision-V solvents is less hazardous than many other solvents commonly used in vapor-degreasers: e.g. TCE (Trichloroethylene, CAS #79-01-6), nPB (n-Propyl Bromide, CAS #106-94-5), and Perc (Perchloroethylene, CAS #127-18-4).

Not sure which product is right for your application?  Check out our Vapor Degreaser Product Selection Guide here.


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